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Cultural Activities in Japan

Cultural activities take you into Japanese culture and allow you to do things that you cannot do at home. We work with only a select group of the very best cultural experience providers as your trip to Japan is important and only the best will do. There are also a number of general cycling or walking small group tours. Please let your Japan Tour Expert know if any of these activities are of interest to you.


Tokyo Fish Market Tour and Sushi Class
Back Streets of Tokyo & Food Tour – Tokyo
Japanese Cooking Class – Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka
Osaka Street Food & Alleyway Bars – Osaka
Restaurant Reservations – anywhere


 Tea Ceremony – Kyoto
Calligraphy – Kyoto
Flower Arranging – Kyoto
Geisha Makeover & Photo Shoot – Kyoto
Kabuki Lecture and Play – Tokyo
Geisha Experience with Sayuki – Tokyo
Sumie Charcoal Drawing Class – Tokyo
Japanese Sword Tour with Paul Martin – Tokyo
Samurai Kembu Class – Kyoto
Japanese Pottery – Kyoto
Taiko Drum Class – Tokyo or Kyoto


Robot Show – uniquely Tokyo show
Manga/Anime Drawing Class – Tokyo
MariCar – drive around Tokyo in a go-cart dressed as our favorite anime character – Tokyo or Osaka
Tour of Akihabara – Tokyo
Virtual Reality Park – Tokyo


Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea – Tokyo
Hello KittyLand – Tokyo
Ninja Trick House – Tokyo
Cat and Other Animal Cafes – Tokyo and other cities
Toei Kyoto Samurai Studio Park – Kyoto


Obubu Tea Farm – Kyoto
Small-Group Rural Cycling Tour – Lake Biwa or Hida Furukawa
Kameoka Rural Experience – near Kyoto
Lake Biwa Rural and Mountain Walks & Craftsmen – near Kyoto


Suntory Yamazaki Distillery – Kyoto
Japanese Sake Tour – Kyoto
Miyagikyo Distillery – Sendai

Please let your Japan Expert at Rediscover Tours know if you are interested in any of the above Cultural Experiences. If you do you see the activity you are interested then just ask your Japan expert and they will do all they can to find a way for you to do it. These can only be arranged with the purchase of a tour.

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