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Our Commitment

Rediscover Tours is committed to operating tours that are not only interesting for our guests but are also responsible to the local economy, environment and society. To understand how we meet these responsibilities please read the following information.

Policy Aims

It is Rediscover Tours belief that traveling to a foreign culture should be more than just “seeing the sights”, it should also be about connecting to the culture and the people. The sights are very important but one needs to know about the culture that created them to truly appreciate them. We also believe that it is our responsibility to create a situation where destinations of cultural significance can be economically preserved. Funds acquired through tourism are needed to maintain these sights though we realize that too many tourists and large groups can also destroy them. Our tours are organized into smaller groups which make it possible to use mass transportation instead of large tour buses. This allows guests to interact with the Japanese people, and decreases pollution. Smaller groups also allow us to use family run lodging, restaurants and artisans. Patronizing local businesses means the money spent will stay local and be used to preserve the destination. The tour leaders we contract with are often locals who not only know the history and landscape of the area but also have a vast network which can only be created by living in or near the area. Destinations are off the beaten path and include rural communities as well as cities. They are chosen to show many different sides of Japan.

Economic Responsibility

We seek to support local family businesses and to help create an economic situation where culturally significant and historical artifacts, buildings and cultures can be preserved and maintained. This is accomplished by staying at Japanese inns (ryokans and minshuku), and taking guests to destinations they may otherwise not be able to get to on their own. An example of this is Kameoka, a small town just west of Kyoto city where guests can experience a slower pace, see rural Japan and visit local artisans. We also visit locations that require the support of tourism in order to maintain their historical buildings. Without tourism the cost of maintaining these sites would be simply impossible.

Environmental Responsibility

We use public transportation as much as possible and travel in smaller groups. The smaller groups are less destructive than large groups and are easier to manage and more interesting for our guests.

We stay in ryokans whenever possible rather than large hotel complexes. The ryokans are often built to blend in with the surroundings and do not leave a large scar on the land. Many times the owners live in the ryokan or nearby and have a vested interest in maintaining the beauty of the area.

The ryokan as a whole is not heated or air conditioned. Each room has a heater/AC which is used only while the room is occupied.

Promotion is done via the web and we do not send out mass produced junk mail. Printed materials are also kept to a minimum.

Social Responsibility

Supporting local businesses and family owned businesses means that the money spent at a destination will stay in that area and help the local people. We also use mass transit which allows visitors to Japan see and socialize with normal Japanese people. Tour buses tend to isolate tourists and limits interaction with locals. Also the smaller groups means there is a good chance you will become friends with the other tourist in your group.

We also work with guests to prepare them for their trip by recommending reading about Japan and Japanese history. This gives tourists a better understanding of why the sights are important. Our local leaders know the area and have a vast network that they can call upon. They can take tourists to friends’ shops and restaurants instead of just department stores and hotel restaurants. Also since they are local they have a vested interest in keeping the area attractive and clean. We seek to have people connect with the culture and preparation is an important part of that.

Another important point is that one has less hostility toward cultures which they have met and admire. Our tours help travelers see the sights and meet the people. This fosters cultural understanding and decreases prejudices.

Why Rediscover Tours?

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