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Accommodation Types

Rediscover Tours only select the best accommodations for your tour. To provide you a unique experience we offer a large range of accommodation styles. Years after years we have selected the best Hotels, Ryokans, Minshukus,… all around Japan.
Based on your taste and the destinations you would like to visit we will give you the best options.
We have created the below page to help you better understand the different types of accommodations you can find in Japan.

Ryokans – Japanese Inns

Ryokan are Japanese inns offering Japanese-style rooms. There are many different types and styles of ryokans and their quality can vary greatly according to the price. Many offer full course traditional dinner and breakfast. Ryokan can be found in most areas in Japan, including in the heart of large cities as well as in the remote countryside. We below shortlist will give you an idea of what’s a ryokan.

Sanga Ryokan, Kurokawa Onsen, Japan
This gorgeous Traditional Ryokan has 15 Japanese-style rooms, and some of the guest rooms have their own private hot spring bath. Sanga Ryokan has wonderful indoor and outdoor hot spring baths for both women and men (same gender only), and there is also a mixed outdoor,…read more

Beniya Mukayu, Rural Kanazawa, Japan
This Luxorious Ryokan has 8 Japanese-style guest rooms. 2 Western-style guest rooms and 6 Japanese Western-style guests rooms. Each room has a private outdoor hot spring bath and all Japanese-style rooms are on the 1st floor or garden floor and face a grove of trees,…read more

Asaba Ryokan, Shuzenji, Japan
This gorgeous Luxurious Ryokan complex was first constructed in 1675, and it is surrounded by a bamboo forest and overlooks a large pond. The interior and exterior of Asaba Ryokan are in the traditional Japanese style, and there is even a Japanese Noh theater across from the ryokan where Noh plays are sometimes performed,…read more

Tawaraya, Kyoto, Japan
This gorgeous, first-class, historical Traditional Ryokan first opened for business almost 300 years ago in 1705. This ryokan has hosted such guests as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, European royalty, Leonard Bernstein, and Marlon Brando,…read more

Western Hotels

There are two main kinds of Western Style hotels in Japan: business hotels and regular western-style hotels. Regular Western-style hotels are similar to hotels found in most Western countries while business hotels cater to business people who are traveling and simply need basic accommodation. Here you will find Western Style Hotels we like to include in our tours.

Modern Japanese

A Modern Japanese inn will combine modern facilities with a unique Japanese architecture. Enjoy a comfortable stay in traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Minshuku – Small, Family Run Inns

A minshuku is usually a small, wooden, Japanese-style building. The building is generally not very big, and the rooms are Japanese-style but not as large as the rooms in Japanese ryokans. While the building and rooms are usually clean and comfortable, the rooms and hallways are sometimes dark and a bit drafty. A minshuku tries to project a “homey” atmosphere and guests are served home-style Japanese cooking. Minshukus are generally inexpensive and the owners pride themselves on their friendly, personalized service.

Shukubo – Buddhist Temple Accommodations

A great way to experience traditional Japanese culture is by staying at a shukubo, a Buddhist Temple lodging. While the style of accommodation can sometimes be very basic the cuisine is often very good. The temple monks serve vegetarian meals known as shojin ryori, and at most temples guests are welcome to attend the early morning prayer ceremonies.

Rural Vacation House

For those who like to travel independently or simply would like to relax without staff around you, renting a Japanese house is a unique experience. We invite you to discover the beauty of Japanese architecture and you will have the entire house to yourself or your group.

Machiya – Renovated Japanese Homes

Stay in a renovated Japanese home located in a neighborhood in Kyoto or Kanazawa and feel like a native. Your machiya townhouse is only rented out to one group at a time so you will have the entire house to yourself or your group. This is a great way to relax and feel Japanese culture.

Home Stays

Staying at a Japanese home is probably the best way to meet and get to know the Japanese people and learn about the local culture. At a Japanese home, guests have the chance to eat home-cooked Japanese food, discover the local culture, and interact with the local people. Your room may be Japanese or Western Style.

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