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How we select the best custom travel experiences to fit your needs

Rediscover Tours offers many kinds of tours, but if none of them are exactly what you are looking for then we can create a custom itinerary for you. Besides our office in the US we also have an office in Japan so you are fully supported both before and during your tour. This also gives us the flexibility to make any arrangements that you require.

Let our 15 years of experience work for you.

How It Works

Develop Itinerary

This includes destinations, accommodation types, cultural activities, private guides and other services you require. Please give us as many ideas as you can about what you are looking for.

Check Prices and Availability

Once your itinerary is settled, then we will have our Japan office check the price of your tour including accommodation, transportation and other services that will fit within your budget. We will then send you a formal itinerary with all the elements of your tour and the per person price in US dollars.

Pay Deposit and Book Tour

From here you will have the option to pay your deposit to take the tour. Once your deposit is paid we will formally make all the reservations for your tour. It is possible that we will have to make some minor changes at this point as your accommodations or other services may have become fully booked between the time we send you the formal itinerary and the time we receive your deposit. We will do our very best to avoid these kinds of changes but some things are outside of our control.

Prepare Your Personal Tour Organizer

Your custom tour organizer will include all of the details you will need to take your tour. It will have directions to your hotels and ryokan inns, train or other transportation details from destination to destination, meeting locations to tours, suggested sightseeing and all the other details that you require. It will also include the phone number to our Japan office to support you while you are in Japan.

We hope the above gives you a better understanding of how we create custom tours for you. Our goal is to create your ideal Japanese experience.
If you have any questions please Contact Us or call at +1-248-747-4048

Why Rediscover Tours?

Japan Experts
Rediscover Tours is “People and Culture”
Slow-paced and In-depth
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Rediscover Tours offers visitors a rare chance to truly get to know the Japanese people and to intimately experience the Japanese culture.