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Welcome to Magome and Tsumago on the Old Nakasendo Highway. Magome and Tsumago are located in the southern part of the Kiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture. Many years ago, they was one of the eleven post towns in that district of the Nakasendo Highway. When the Chuo Rail Line was constructed along the Kiso River in 1911, Tsumago lost its role as a post town and it gradually became a deserted village. However, in 1968 a movement to preserve Edo and Meiji Period buildings began and during the following three years many structures were repaired and restored. In 1976, Tsumago was designated as a "Protected Area for the Preservation of Traditional Buildings" by the Japanese government. The Old Nakasendo Highway can now be enjoyed by visitors who wish to see a very important part of old Japan preserved in tact.An alternative to Magome is Tsumago.

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