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Best of Okinawa - 11 days

Tropical Japan

You will start your journey in Naha, the historical capital of Okinawa. You will take a day trip to Kerama Islands. Its crystal clear water will allow you to see dozens of meters below the surface. Diving and snorkeling are both available for all levels. The next day your private local guide will show you around the island of Okinawa (Shurijo Castle, Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, Yachimun Street, Shurikinjocho Stone-Path Road,...).

Miyakojima will be the next island you visit for 2 days. Every year it leads the rankings of Japan's best beaches. Then you will head to Ishigaki and Taketomi islands. You will land on a phantom island, enjoy snorkeling, and a unique paddleboard night tour in the mangrove. Last but not least, Iriomote the most preserve island in Okinawa will offer you activities such as hiking in the jungle, exploring mangroves, snorkeling,...

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As with all of our Custom tours, changes can be made to this tour.
We will keep perfecting your itinerary until you’re completely happy and ready to book.

Custom tour
Open - Custom Tour
10 nights, 11 days
Minimum of 2 guests
Breakfasts: 10
Lunches: 0
Dinner: 3 in Miyakojima and Taketomi
Private Local Guide in Naha on Day 3
Private Local Guide in Ishigaki on Day 6
For other days you will have detailed materials as well as support from our experts in Japan who will be available for this custom tour. No tour leader is supplied.
-Snorkeling in Kerama
-White sand beaches in Miyakojima
-Night tour in Ishigaki
-Peaceful time in Taketomi
-Wildness in Iriomote
Age restrictions: Everyone younger than 20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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